Song Doctor Service


Martin John Paul Pno

I offer a consultancy service for songwriters, bands, composers, focusing on getting your songs and material to where you need them to be. Song doctoring.

This mirrors my pre-production service, and covers much of the same ground, though  looking exclusively at the songs. Once upon a time, this might have been covered by your A&R wo/man, publisher, producer, or even management. These days, as more and more people are self-recording and self-producing, this service is an opportunity to have the insights of an experienced external ear.

Through a process of dialogue and exchange, we’ll be looking at all aspects of your songs: form and structure, chords and harmonic movement, melody and lyrics. All of these need to be working together, and working together in the service of the song, what you’re trying to say, and where you’re trying to get to with it all. Is this a song for yourself, for your band, for a recording project, to pitch to another artist or for other use (film or video?), or to help you get dates or a recording/publishing contract?

Music is about touching people, and having them come on board and buy into what you’re saying. But we need to make sure that we give them everything they need to make that happen, and use the compositional tools available to do that as effectively as possible. There’s a LOT of music being put out into the public domain these days, and we need to get the best out of our songs and material.

I’ve written songs all my life, have a gold record, have had covers by acts on major labels, and have written for film and TV, theatre and advertising. I have an honours degree in composition, and a lifetime of experience as a gigging musician and a studio musician, recording/producing/mixing.

If you look around the site, you’ll get an idea of what I do, how I work, and how I see and understand music.

This is an on-line, via email, per-song service.  Unlike some of these services, I’m not looking to get involved as a writer or co-writer – not criticising them at all, it’s just not how I see this. Rates are $40/€30 per song payable in advance (Paypal), though only after I’ve received your material. If I don’t think I can bring anything to what you’re doing or help you move forward, I wouldn’t proceed. What I usually recommend is that we look at one or two songs first to get started.

I’m in this because I love music and working with songs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m open to discussing any project.